Xacobeo Transfer II
Banco peregrino en Caminha
Sporting Clube Caminhense - Ferry Caminha
Cormorán Río Miño Caminha A Guarda
Castro do Trega A Guarda
A Guarda
A Guarda
Barco eléctrico Xacobeo Transfer Caminha A Guarda
OFFICIAL boat of the Portuguese Coastal Way

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🛥️ From port to port, without feet wet
📄 Fully insured and up to date
📆 Flexible reservations

Caminha ⏩ A Guarda

📍How to cross the Miño river?

A Guarda ⏩ Caminha

John TuckerJohn Tucker
09:31 25 Jun 22
The boat was waiting at the time I had selected for departure. The captain was a real gentleman. The transfer was smooth and quick and he even stamped my passport before I departed.
Julia TinembartJulia Tinembart
08:32 20 Jun 22
We bought tickets for group of 6 to cross from Caminha to A Guarda. The driver was nice and polite. The ride was very fast - not even 10min. I also took the opposite direction the next day and had the same experience. Worth for the price (6 eur per person)
Luis LoboLuis Lobo
07:44 13 Jun 22
Very good boat crossing, everything well organized, online reservations working 100%
Stephanie LagoskyStephanie Lagosky
16:23 12 Jun 22
Quick, efficient and friendly service! I liked how responsive they were over WhatsApp too. Many pilgrims thought they had to walk west towards the campsite out of the city a bit to get a boat to Spain, but you don’t if you use this service! Pick up right next to ferry dock in Caminha.
Mark AuchinclossMark Auchincloss
16:51 03 Jun 22
🔝💯 Easy to book on their website a seat on electric speedboat which has capacity for 7 pilgrims/persons. The slots are every 30 minutes. The journey is exhilarating and takes only 5 minutes. It cost us 6€ per person. The best is the two captains that run it Miguel and Federico. Smiling faces and a warm welcome awaits. The also have a nice stamp for pilgrims credentials. Strongly recommend.
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