How does the ferry boat between Caminha and A Guarda work?

Since April 2022, with the support of the Xunta de Galicia, Concello da Guarda and Caminha Municipal Chamber, from AGAN+ we launched the service to cross the Minho River for pilgrims, tourists and neighbors (on foot or by bicycle)

Crossing the mouth of the Miño River between Caminha and A Guarda


Crossing the mouth of the Miño River between Caminha and A Guarda

We operate from port to port, that is, the pilgrims disembark without dipping their feet in the water. We have civil liability insurance. Our boat is for tourist use and has comfortable and padded seats. Online reservations are flexible and pilgrims can change them depending on the time of arrival in Caminha.

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Caminha ⏩ Camposancos (A Guarda) BOOK HERE

Camposancos (A Guarda) ⏩ Caminha BOOK HERE

At Caminha we are the only pilgrim transport service that is operational all year round and that has an authorized disembarkation port in Galicia.

⚠️ There are other very violent “pirate ships” that operate without proper permits, without insurance, that harass and lie to pilgrims telling them that we are not operational, taking them off the official path and disembarking them as if they were illegal or livestock. One day a misfortune will happen and no one will take responsibility. ⚠️